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International conference on Trends in Software Paradigm, Engineering &Communication (ICTSPEC-2k17) invites you to the official website. Which is going to be held on 27th -28th of February 2K17, Hyderabad IFERP-International and SPEC is organizing ICTSPEC-2K17 which provides an exclusive opportunity to students, researchers, representative to gather and interact with each other to share their knowledge and experience in software paradigm, Engineering and communication. The main aim & objective of ICTSPEC-2K17 is to provide a forum where the attendees can contribute & exchange their knowledge.


Let us understand what is paradigm? "Paradigm" is commonly used to refer a category of entities that share a common characteristic. Software engineering paradigms are also named as software engineering models. In order to reduce the confusion of developing software systems, software industries process models or paradigms that defines the job that are required to build high quality software. Using software paradigms in the development of the software has many benefits

History of Software Paradigms

Since the development of software systems in early 1950's and 1970's computer researchers began to develop software development life cycle models to regulate the whole process of software development. Many process models have been established over the years. The main use of these paradigms or models was to govern the software developers. A variety of many process paradigms have been developed & improved over these years. These are most used software models or paradigm like waterfall model, spiral model, v model, big bang model, intermediate model.

Software Paradigm in Engineering

Software paradigms refer to the methods and steps, which are taken while designing the software. There are many methods proposed and are in work today, but we need to see where in the software engineering these paradigms stand. These can be combined into three categories: 1. Programming paradigm: this paradigm tells us how the software is developed. 2. Software development paradigm: in this paradigm all the concepts for developing software is pertained together. 3. Software design paradigm: it is part of software development. Programming paradigm is a subset of Software design paradigm which is further a subset of Software development paradigm.

Scope and Benefits

The purpose of ICSPEC-2K17 is to bring together researchers, engineers, students interested on software paradigm. The conference areas are "Software Engineering", "Software Systems and Applications" and "Software Paradigm Trends". Papers describing original work are invited. All the accepted papers will be presented during conference and it will be published in related international journals and it will uploaded in our digital library. Awards will be given for the paper and presentation which is selected as the best.

Software Paradigm in Communication

Most inter-agent communication models assume reliable point-to-point messages passing with negligible communication costs. ... Similarly, message passing among distributed information agents is typically very quick compared to the searches and services that they are performing

What is communication Paradigm?

1. It is a set of communication primitives

2. Research of a communication paradigm

Communication Paradigms

1. Remote procedure call

2. Message oriented communication

3. Stream oriented communication

4. Software based distributed shared memory.

Important Dates

Last Date for Paper Submission

24th Nov'2016

Last Date for Registration

1st Dec'2016

Date of Conference

27th & 28th February'2017


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